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Cloud Computing Foundation

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Classroom based

  • The Foundation exam tests your tactical and strategic know-how in using cloud computing. The certificate is designed for everyone who already is or will be involved in the general aspects of cloud computing. EXIN’s Cloud Computing certificate is vendor neutral and focuses on the necessary basics for taking the organization to the cloud – whilst staying in control.

    This sets the EXIN Cloud Computing certificate apart from existing certifications, which tend to focus on the more technical aspects of cloud computing. Furthermore people within the organization have to be aware that there will be changes in the make-up and responsibilities of the IT department The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation addresses also this shift in people’s roles and responsibilities.
  • After attening the course delegates will be able to undertsand:
    • The principles of Cloud Computing
    • Using and accessing the Cloud
    • Security and Compliance
    • Implementing and managing Cloud Computing
    • Evaluation of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Foundation is for everyone playing a role or having an interest in the use and management of Internet-based services. Specific roles that would benefit are:
    • Management Positions (Commercial, IT, Procurement, Finance, etc.)
    • IT Professionals (Administrators, Service Managers)
    • The staff of Service Providers
  • None. Recommended experience is six months’ direct experience in an IT environment, including IT-related tasks, responsibility, and decision making.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Number of questions: 40 (Multiple Choice)
    • Pass mark: 65%
    • Open book: No
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Course Contents

    • The concept of Cloud Computing
    • Explain Cloud Computing
    • Compare the four main Deployment Models
    • Three main Service Models
    • Evolution toward Cloud Computing
    • Concepts from which Cloud Computing developed
    • Role of Virtualization in Cloud Computing
    • Role of managed services in Cloud Computing
    • Cloud computing architectures
    • Difference between a single purpose and multipurpose architecture
    • Service Oriented Architecture
    • Drivers and limitations of Cloud Computing
    • Drivers and Limitations
    • Building of Local Cloud environment
    • Main components of a local cloud environment and how they are interconnected
    • Use of Virtual Private Network access to a Local Area Network
    • Risks of connecting a local cloud network to the public internet
    • Principles of managing Cloud services
    • Use of IT Service Management principles in a Cloud environment
    • Management of service levels in a Cloud environment
    • How users can access the Cloud
    • How to access Web Applications through a Web Browser
    • Cloud Web Access Architecture
    • Use of a Thin Client
    • Use of mobile devices in accessing the cloud
    • How Cloud Computing can be used for business processes
    • Impact of Cloud Computing on the primary processes of an organization
    • Role of standard applications in collaboration
    • How Service Providers can use the Cloud
    • How using Cloud Computing changes the relationship between vendors and customers
    • Benefits and risks of providing Cloud based services
    • Security risks of Cloud
    • Computing and knows mitigating measures (CSA top 10 threats and controls)
    • Security risks in the cloud
    • Mitigating security risks
    • Managing identity and privacy in the Cloud
    • Identity management
    • Privacy and Compliance issues and safeguards in Cloud Computing
    • Business case for Cloud Computing
    • Costs and possible savings of Cloud Computing
    • Operational and staffing benefits of Cloud Computing
    • Evaluation of Cloud Computing implementations
    • Evaluation of performance factors, management requirements and satisfaction factors
    • Evaluation of service providers and their services in Cloud Computing

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